Creative Engineer

I am an engineer with a Goal!

I have very cross-discplinary interests, spaning the range of robotics, Software, Hardware Design, control, autonomy and artificial inteligence

Things I Can Do

I am curious and always try to learn some new skill. Here are things which I do with Passion.

  • Design Autonomous Systems
  • Hardware Design & CAD
  • Write code
  • Research


Here are the list of few of my projects and publications.


H.U.M.I Panel

Human Machine Interaction Panel

• An artificial Intelligence based panel which uses image processing (gesture recognition) for controlling robotic arm and smart applications, voice recognition for controlling appliances.
• Created its GUI using Visual C# and Visual Basic.
• Used XBOX Kinect as the image accusation device and connected it with a dell latitude D630 laptop.
• Used serial communication between the Pc, appliances and robotic arm using ATMEGA-16 USART port.
• Exhibited it in Project exhibitions and competitions, SENTEC and ITEC held at NED University of engineering and Technology

Real Time Interaction Using AR CUDA

• Final year project included the interaction of augmented reality with GPU’s using CUDA library.
• Used AR (Augmented Reality) Tool Kit to create applications related to education and business.
• Worked on different modeling software’s like Google sketchup and blender and also worked on VRML models. Completed all the deliverable tasks provided in the FYP proposal.

Aruduino Complex Equation Solver

• It is used to solve two simutaneous Complex Equations
• Was devoloped to help in electrical calculations as normal casio calculators just solve normal simutanous equations but not with complex values.
• This is the hardware version implemented using Arduino UNO R3. Its java version app is also devoloped.
Click to view source Code
Click to download Java App


Real Time Finger Counting and Virtual Drawing Using Color Detection and Shape Recognition

ICICT 2013 IBA Karachi.

• A research included testing the algorithm on various conditions and notifying results.
• The algorithm and program is created using matlab Image processing toolbox.
• The research paper was published in ICICT 2013 conference (IEEE) held at IBA Karachi on 14-15 December.
• The research paper was also presented by me in the ICICT conference.
• Print ISBN:978-1-4799-2621-3View Paper at IEEE Explorer

In Built Stress Analysis in Mobile Operating Systems

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 1, January-2015

ISSN 2229-5518 View Paper at IJSER

Remote Microcontroller Based Monitoring of Substation and Control System through GSM Modem

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 1, January-2015

ISSN 2229-5518 View Paper at IJSER