Embedded Antitheft Board with sim7000 & AT1284p Microcontroller

The project was to include the SIM7000 SIM CARD Microcontroller (AT1284p), SD Card and a battery power section. It was to make one board embedded system to be used for tracking the stolen machine in which it will be installed. The design included the At 1284p replacing the previously tested AT2506 due to cost as the formerly mentioned controller has the same space as the latter with fewer pins. The enclosure for the was also designed in Fusion360 which was 3d printed.

Cartesian 3d Printer Designed & Built from Scratch

  • This is a cartesian printer that uses an additive extrusion process to print 3d objects.
  • As it has a heated bed and an MK8 extruder, any material filament can be used.
  • Designed the entire printer at first using 3d modeling on FREECAD.
  • No Kit or 3d printed parts are used to make the printer. Instead, every part is made from wood and custom made metal parts.

Altimeter with altitude control chute release

This project is to design a product concept of a small footprint to fit inside a model rocket and can release the parachute at a determine height.  The circuit of all modules was taken and was amalgamated into a single PCB and a case was designed around it on Fusion360 with a locking mechanism.

Sliding door control unit with user interface and sound

This project was done for a US client. The project is not a typical sliding door, rather it had different opening modes. The sliding door mechanism used the stepper motor for opening and closing. The door any or limits, rather the user has a calibration option for full opening the door and half opening. It had an i2c can be used to set all the parameters like calibration and time delay between open and close of the door. The opening of the door was controlled via a motion sensor and dedicated pushbuttons control panel via which the door can be open, half-open or stay open until the user commands it again to close. Additionally, it also had an mp3 module with it which is used to play random sound clips on door opening. After testing was completed dedicated PCBs were manufactured for the ease of use of the control system.

Industrial valve controller with short circuit detection & auto reset

I had to design a valve switch controller that controlled a valve switch and associated LEDs using two push buttons via Arduino Uno and a relay. Moreover, it had a coil short circuit detection circuit which would reset automatically once a short circuit is released. The circuit was simulated on Proteus and submitted to the client for implementation in his industry.

Bluetooth haptic feedback bike controller for virtual cycling

A bicycle simulation controller concept was developed for a client that would send cycle pedals information via Bluetooth translating it to the direction and speed of pedal translating it to keyboard strokes, moreover, Joystick and button controls were provided to represent other functions of riding a  bike.

Pneumatic valve controller using Artnet or DMX

The project utilized input values via ART Net, DMX or Analog inputs to control up to 8 channels to control four sets of valves to control pneumatic cylinders. Moreover,  there were modes provided from which the user can select the output mode to be used for PWM and TTL outputs also increasing the usability of the controller.

Variable Cricket Frequency Producer With Respect to Ambient Lighting for Sculpture

This project was intended to be used inside a Sculpture and my task was to design the circuitry which made cricket (insect) sound via speaker which changed its frequency according to the ambient lighting. It used an LDR as a light sensor, speaker for an output with a N-mos for amplification and a Vibration switch. The controlling was done via Arduino Nano. It had a sleep feature in which, when the ambient lighting got too bright indicating morning it will go to sleep mode, preserving power and to wake it up the sculpture has to be shaken which would be sensed by the vibration switch.


• An artificial Intelligence-based panel that uses image processing (gesture recognition) for controlling robotic arm and smart applications, voice recognition for controlling appliances.
• Used XBOX Kinect as the image accusation device and connected it with a dell latitude D630 laptop.
• Used serial communication between the PC, appliances and robotic arm using ATMEGA-16 USART port.
• Exhibited it in Project exhibitions and competitions, SENTEC and ITEC held at NED University of Engineering and Technology

Snoopy The Light Seeking Robot

• An autonomous robot that tracked light source.
• Lm386 operational amplifier was used as a comparator comparing the light signals which were detected by the
• Exhibited it in SPEC Project exhibition and competitions held at NED University of engineering and