Real-Time Finger Counting and Virtual Drawing Using Color Detection and Shape Recognition

  • The research included testing the algorithm on various conditions and notifying results.
  • The algorithm and program are created using a Matlab Image processing toolbox.
  • The research paper was published in ICICT 2013 conference (IEEE Xplorer).
  • The research paper was also presented by me at the ICICT conference.
  • IEEE XPLORE publication link

Remote Microcontroller Based Monitoring of Substation and Control System through GSM Modem

  • The paper introduces a way of making substations smarter by analyzing its electrical parameters and comparing it with its rated value to protect the distribution and power transformer from burning due to overload, short circuit fault, overvoltages, and surges, also providing real-time information via GSM.
  • The paper was published in the International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 1, January-2015. 
  • International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Paper Link